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S.M. Rehan & Co, a professional firm of Chartered Accountants, was established in 1991 by Mr. S.M. Rehan who is a fellow member of ICAP and ICMA. Innovative Network is a company which has excellent Information Technology expertise. INC and S.M. Rehan & Co. jointly made efforts to introduce and adopt new technologies in the field of taxation and law.

1. This mobile application makes readily available on mobile:
       1.1 All Acts & Rules.
       1.2. All General Orders, Notifications etc.
       1.3. All Trade Agreements.
       1.4. Custom Tariff 2016-17.
2. Free updating upto 31-03-2018.
3. No internet connection is required once downloaded.
4. Free download on same email id due to any reason.
5. Facility of search of particular word.

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